location: VAIL, CO



Project ARCHITECT 359 Team: Will Hentschel, ANDREW LEEPER, Ryan Sellinghausen







Project Overview

ALURA Vail is a new resident / resort product located in the Matterhorn Neighborhood of Vail. It is comprised of 19 1,875 sq ft townhomes. The Architecture is an evolution of the Vail style, without fuss, that is utilitarian, non-boastful, tactile and pedestrian.


The development’s design seeks to hide cars, putting them underground. This is done by embracing the sloping site and placing the garage at an ideal height from disturbance and sight. It will be buried at the backside and will eventually come to grade at the Northside of the site. The Units will embrace the garage by wrapping the lower level of the unit on the North and East sides of the Garage. On the next level up, the units will overlap the top deck of the parking to mitigate site coverage and use. The top of the garage deck between the buildings will be a landscape/built environment that will seem to be a continuation of the landscape from the hill above, with the building’s filtering the flow and elements. Further, great effort was made to articulate the facades of the regular units into something dynamic and non-monotonous.


The Alura was designed with the Gen X, Gen Y in mind.  Extensive study of these generations has been utilized to create a synthesis of how this generation lives and vacations.  359 Design has tested these principle in pieces on multiple projects.  Many of the designs come from our experience in urban environments.  Where the buyers come from.  Some of the amenities and tools have been absent in Mountain Environments.  We feel that the Alura will break new ground in the Eagle County and provide a new roadmap for the amenities it provides, both shared and intimate.